Apr 10, 2010

Rogers' Rangers dogs

A paragraph in THE HISTORY OF ROGERS RANGERS, VOLUME I by BURT GARFIELD LOESCHER says:  "Several of Rogers Rangers had dogs (particularly the officers) who accompanied them on their scouts and in their battles.  These dogs were useful in these Bloodhound Scouts as well as fighting the enemy in battle.  Cadet William Stark, who became a Captain in Rogers Rangers in 1758, had a Wolf Dog named Sergeant Beaubier, who became famous.  He accompanied Stark on all his Ranging expeditions and was present in several of the Rangers' Indian battles, and it is said, assisted in the destruction of more of them, than any individual of the Corps.  When he became a Ranger Captain, Stark returned "Sergeant Beaubier" on his muster roll, and drew pay and rations for him."

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