Jan 30, 2011

Reminiscences of the French War

CLICK HERE FOR LINK to the website OPEN LIBRARY where many great books can be found, including:   Reminiscences of the French War containing Roger's expeditions with the New-England rangers under his command, as published in London in 1765; with notes and illustrations. To which is added an account of the life and military services of Maj. Gen. John Stark; with notices and anecdotes of other officers distinguished in the French and revolutionary wars.

Jan 21, 2011

Women and Pipes

CLICK HERE FOR LINK to a great web page that discusses Women and Pipes by Beth Maxwell Boyle.  There's also lots of other great information at Beth's website, including 18th century cooking ware and early lighting.  I promise you'll find a treasure trove of information there for both men and women - and Rogers' Ranger reenactors too.

Jan 15, 2011

Roger's Ranger Joshua Goodenough's Old Letter

CLICK HERE FOR LINK to Harper's magazine, Volume 95.  On page 878 there's a wonderful article " Joshua Goodenough's Old Letter" by Frederic Remington.  Not only is it a great story, but there's also some great art by Remington contained within the article.

Jan 5, 2011

Fire from Flint & Steel

CLICK HERE FOR LINK to a good article on starting fires from flint and steel.  Please note that it is not the historically correct way, but it should work well as a starting point for the inexperienced.

Jan 1, 2011

18th-century Military Reenactors Facial Hair

CLICK HERE FOR LINK to an interesting article on 18th-century military reenactors facial hair.

More Reasons For Bayonets

CLICK HERE FOR LINK to an interesting conversation on the Mohican WWWboard between Sarah M. and George A. Bray III - where George Bray said: "One other comment, regarding the loss of the use of a bayonet if a bayonet lug was not replaced. On May 6, 1759, the light infantry were initially given carbines without bayonets. Later, on July 5, 1759, they were were issued bayonets for them "as the want of ammunition may sometimes be supplied by that weapon, and because no man should leave his post under the pretense that all his cartridges are fired. In most attacks of the night, it must be remembered that bayonets are preferable to fire." This reference is in the orderly book of Major John Hawks & General Orders of Wolfe's Army."