Jan 1, 2011

More Reasons For Bayonets

CLICK HERE FOR LINK to an interesting conversation on the Mohican WWWboard between Sarah M. and George A. Bray III - where George Bray said: "One other comment, regarding the loss of the use of a bayonet if a bayonet lug was not replaced. On May 6, 1759, the light infantry were initially given carbines without bayonets. Later, on July 5, 1759, they were were issued bayonets for them "as the want of ammunition may sometimes be supplied by that weapon, and because no man should leave his post under the pretense that all his cartridges are fired. In most attacks of the night, it must be remembered that bayonets are preferable to fire." This reference is in the orderly book of Major John Hawks & General Orders of Wolfe's Army."

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