Mar 29, 2010

Robert Rogers' "Rules of Ranging"

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, contains 3 versions of Robert Rogers' "Rules of Ranging":
# 1 Original 28 rules.
# 2 The rules as they are today.
# 3 Fictional version.

Mar 22, 2010

Throwing Knife

Jas Townsend sells a tough throwing knife that's forged out of 1/4" thick tempered steel that won't bend or break. It's leather handle slabs could be replaced by yourself if they get beat up too bad, so it should last a liftetime. Please note we have no interest in Jas Townsend other than you let you know they make good, reasonably priced axes and throwing knives. CLICH HERE FOR LINK to throwing knife.

Mar 18, 2010

Mascouten Bay Longrifles Spring Rendezvous

All Rangers, Longhunters, Mountain Men, and their families are invited to the Mascouten Bay Longrifles Spring Rendezvous on 4/10/10 - 4/11/10 at their grounds on Kettering Lane, Rushville, IL 62681.  Early setup can be made on 4/9/10.  Contact Harold Tyson at day 217-323-2319 or eve 217-323-1745 for more information.  Camp fee $15 per lodge, allows on entry fee. Wood, water, latrines. Trader no additional if they shoot, otherwise a $15 prize plus camp fee. Shoot only: Rifle $15, trade gun $15, pistol $5 50/50shoot flint or percussion or cap and ball revolver, 50/50 gong shoot shoot till you miss $1. No pets, no dinner.  Directions: CLICK HERE FOR MAP  then click "Directions" to enter where you are coming from.

Mar 15, 2010

French Poisoned Bullets

At Three Rivers website, you can read the book The Life and Times of Sir William Johnson, Vol. I.  where it says:  "In the three actions of this day, about two hundred and twenty of the Provincials were killed, and ninety-one wounded. Their loss was greater than it might otherwise have been, from the fact that several were hit by poisoned bullets; thus mere flesh wounds soon mortified, some of the soldiers dying in convulsions.(2)
(1) For a map of this action see appendix No. v.
(2) "Mical Harrington died of the wound he received through the fleshy part of the thigh, the ball undoubtedly poisoned; as also one Jonathan Burt, of Brimfield, by a poisoned ball through the arm; and one Brisbee, by a slight shot in the leg which threw him into convulsions. The art of man could not stop the mortification which seized the wounded part, and presently a few hours shut up the scene. Oh cursed malice, that the fatal lead should not be thought sufficient without being rolled up with a solution of copper and yellow arsenic, as I am thoughtful was the case, by many of the poisoned balls which were brought in out of their bullet pouches, taken among the plunder."-Manuscript letter, Surgeon Thomas Williams to his wife. This is the only instance, that I recollect, of the use of poisoned bullets in battle."

Three Rivers Website

Three Rivers is another great website with lots of good links and articles.  CLICK HERE FOR LINK

Mar 11, 2010

For students of period weaponry 1526-1783

Arms and Armor in Colonial America, 1526-1783 - is a great book that's available at Amazon.com.  CLICK HERE FOR LINK  A review by Peter Stines (Anahuac, Texas USA) says: "Students of period weaponry will already be familiar with the late Harold Peterson's works. Those who are new to the subject are in for a treat! Relying on period documents, artifacts from archaeological digs and pieces from private collections, Peterson's book does an exceptional job of presenting the evolution of crossbows, daggers, polearms, firearms and their related equipment in chronological order. Most of the items depicted are those used by the common people, soldiers, Indians, pirates and rogues. I only wish there were glossy color photo's and measurements. Reenactors, artists, museum curators, collectors and even the casual reader will find this work to be extremely helpful. Even though this book was published several decades ago, the information is still reliable."

Mar 6, 2010

History Map Website

History Map website features an extensive collection of  vintage maps spanning 5 centuries of the finest examples of the cartographers' craft. This collection includes stunning digital images of maps from the 1500's to modern times. These maps span a wide range of times and topics.  CLICK HERE FOR LINK

Mar 5, 2010

PaleoPlanet - primitive technology

PaleoPlanet is an amazing forum that contains a great deal of information on Native American primitive technology. CLICK HERE FOR LINK