Mar 11, 2010

For students of period weaponry 1526-1783

Arms and Armor in Colonial America, 1526-1783 - is a great book that's available at Amazon.com.  CLICK HERE FOR LINK  A review by Peter Stines (Anahuac, Texas USA) says: "Students of period weaponry will already be familiar with the late Harold Peterson's works. Those who are new to the subject are in for a treat! Relying on period documents, artifacts from archaeological digs and pieces from private collections, Peterson's book does an exceptional job of presenting the evolution of crossbows, daggers, polearms, firearms and their related equipment in chronological order. Most of the items depicted are those used by the common people, soldiers, Indians, pirates and rogues. I only wish there were glossy color photo's and measurements. Reenactors, artists, museum curators, collectors and even the casual reader will find this work to be extremely helpful. Even though this book was published several decades ago, the information is still reliable."

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