Mar 18, 2010

Mascouten Bay Longrifles Spring Rendezvous

All Rangers, Longhunters, Mountain Men, and their families are invited to the Mascouten Bay Longrifles Spring Rendezvous on 4/10/10 - 4/11/10 at their grounds on Kettering Lane, Rushville, IL 62681.  Early setup can be made on 4/9/10.  Contact Harold Tyson at day 217-323-2319 or eve 217-323-1745 for more information.  Camp fee $15 per lodge, allows on entry fee. Wood, water, latrines. Trader no additional if they shoot, otherwise a $15 prize plus camp fee. Shoot only: Rifle $15, trade gun $15, pistol $5 50/50shoot flint or percussion or cap and ball revolver, 50/50 gong shoot shoot till you miss $1. No pets, no dinner.  Directions: CLICK HERE FOR MAP  then click "Directions" to enter where you are coming from.

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