Oct 13, 2010

Where Major Robert Rogers is buried

CLICK HERE FOR LINK to information about where Robert Rogers is buried.


  1. Major Rogers was one of my boyhood heroes - I am now 58 - and first read of his exploits in a British teenagers magazine (Look & Learn). I researched his life (while in my early 20s) and was surprised to learn he was buried near the Elephant & Castle, around two miles from where I was standing at the time. His grave is now lost and his bones may even have been dislodged during redevelopment work. Hopefully, his remains may still lie under the public park today known as St Mary's Churchyard, Newington Butts. It is a shame that no plaque or memorial is there to mark the last resting place of such a great man. As I near retirement, I may try to lobby the local council to do something about it and am prepared to put up some of my own money if I have to. I have written to the authorities at St Mary's Church (its site has moved since Major Rogers' day) about this but received no reply. But I will persevere - as Major Rogers would have done. Geoff Clifton, Solihull, England

  2. Geoff, thanks very much for your comment and information. Major Rogers was one of my boyhood heroes also. I commend you on your efforts to have a plaque or memorial placed to mark his last resting place. Please update us on your efforts when you get time. Thanks again, the Illinois Ranger