May 15, 2015

Myths of the Blunderbuss (updated link)

CLICK HERE FOR LINK to a great article about myths of the Blunderbuss.  Please also note the paragraph where in July 8, 1773, Captain Stedman said: "During this, however, I met with a small accident, by firing myself one of the blunderbusses, which I placed like a musquet against my shoulder; when I received such a stroke by its rebounding, as threw me backward over a large hogshead of beef, and had nearly dislocated my right arm. This however it seems was owing to my ignorance of the manner of using the blunderbuss, as I have since been informed that all such weapons ought to be fired under the hand, especially when heavily charged; and then by swinging round the body suddenly, the force of the rebound is broken, and the effect scarcely sensible. I insert this only to shew [sic] in what manner the heavily-loaded muscatoons [sic] ought always to be fired; especially since, without any aim, the execution from their wide mouth is always equally fatal.”

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