Mar 2, 2013

The Fighting Tomahawk, Volume II

In the book The Fighting Tomahawk, Volume II, McLemore shares details, thoughts, and informed speculation on the tomahawk of the American frontier of the 18th and 19th centuries and the explorers, settlers, long hunters, traders, and Indians who used it.  He has mined original historical sources from the colonial era to develop more in-depth insight and instruction in such essential areas as cutting, chopping, using the back spike, frontier "rough and tumble" fighting, throwing the hawk, and training with and without a partner. As always, the centerpiece of McLemore's latest book is the hundreds of precise illustrations depicting step-by-step details on wielding the hawk in training and combat.  Anyone who uses a tomahawk today, armed professionals, martial artists, historical reenactors, and stage combatants will gain valuable insights into this hallmark weapon of the traditional American blade arts.

You can look inside this book at Amazon.com for a preview, where some but not all pages can be read.  The Illinois Ranger recommends this book for serious students of the tomahawk.

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