Apr 24, 2015

Coning a Rifle Barrel

CLICK HERE FOR LINK to a great article with historical info & pictures showing the coning of a .58 cal rifle barrel by Ed Hamberg, using a coning tool he has developed for coning barrels from .32 cal to .75 cal.  Ed manufactures his tool and sells it, but doesn't advertise, so this information is presented FYI.  If you hate ball starters, then one of these coning tools may be what you need.  If you're interested, Ed can be contacted at longknife1776@sbcglobal.net or at:
Edward Hamberg
1008 Logan
Alton IL 62002

Here's a picture of Ed's coning tool, and the tool in use:

There's many more pictures and instructions for using Ed's coning tool at CLICK HERE FOR LINK

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  1. Interesting article. I'm in agreement about not using a starter. I've found that with a little experimenting, you can find a ball/patch combination that is easy to load and gives acceptable accuracy. Just as a cautionary note, Colerain won't warrant their barrels if they've been coned. Huzzah!! Pepe