Mar 28, 2015

10 Things You May Not Know About Rogers' Rangers

1. Rogers' father was shot and killed by his father's friend, he was mistaken for a bear.

2. Rangers took scalps and like all soldiers of that time, looted the enemy when there was an opportunity.

3. Rangers sometimes knocked prisoners on the head with a hatchet (killing them) when attacked by an enemy force.

4. Smallpox killed Rogers' brother, and many other Rangers too.

5. More Rangers used rifles than previously thought.

6. One detachment of Rangers ate the remains of other Rangers found in a stream, another detachment of Ranger Stockbridge Indians killed a squaw and ate her, plus it's rumored that Rogers killed a squaw and fed her to the men in the detachment he was leading – all 3 incidents when they were starving on the return from St. Francis.

7. Several Rangers had dogs (particularly the officers) who accompanied them on their scouts and in their battles. A Wolf Dog named Sergeant Beaubier was present in several of the Rangers' Indian battles, and it is said, assisted in the destruction of more of them than any individual of the Corps.

8. Sometimes a patch of snow or some rotten wood, which in the night has a phosphorescent glow – could be mistaken for a fire when seen from a distance.

9. Unlike what's shown in the 1940 Northwest Passage Movie, Rangers didn't leave their wounded behind if there was any way possible to carry them out.

10. Rangers and some British units did regularly practice shooting their Brown Bess muskets and could shoot them fairly accurately – and did aim to kill. Don't believe various TV channel historians that say British soldiers shot wildly not caring what they hit.

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