Mar 14, 2015

Calender of 2015 Events

Here is a list of events that Capt. Lt. Harvey Anglum and other Illinois Rangers will try to attend:

April 10,11,12 Ft De Chartres Trade Faire
April 17,18,19 Mascouten Bay Rendezvous
May TBA Clayville Historic Site Pleasant Plains IL
June 6,7 Ft De Chartres Summer Rendezvous
July 18,19 Forces of Montcalm & Wolf Muster at Forest Glen Westville IL
Sept 19,20 Forces of M&W Ko Ko Mah KoKomo IN
Oct 10,11 Ft De Chartres 250th Surrender to British Forces end of French & Indian War
Nov 7,8 Ft De Chartres Winter Rendezvous


  1. Please disregard this inquiry if it compromises the safety of the Company. Are the Il. Rangers planning to participate at the coming actions at Ft. DeChartres?
    Warmest Regards,
    Pepe LePew

  2. Our Capt. Lt. Harvey Anglum plans to attend all the events on the Calender of 2015 Events, and other Rangers may attend too. Right now I can't promise who will participate at the coming actions at Ft. DeChartres. But there will be Rangers for sure at the April 18,19 Mascouten Bay Rendezvous - which is open to the public - and it's a great opportunity to meet us and see what we do. Please come if you can.

    Pepe, if you wish to discuss this in more detail or have any other questions, then please send me an email at illinoisranger@gmail.com or click CONTACT at the top of the web page to send me an email. Best Regards, the Illinois Ranger.

  3. Capt. Lt. Harvey Anglum says there will be 4 or 5 Rangers at coming actions at Ft. DeChartres.